About Me

I am returning to my pleasure of painting here, in Turin, Italy, after more than 40 years of a big break.

I painted this self-portrait when I was 18 years old.


Since the end of high school, 1976, and until 1982 I made my first oil paintings on canvas. Self-taught, only with the interest of expressing myself in this technique. Some of those works are in this site.

I relinquish everything to work and develop myself as a graphic designer, in which I have worked since 1985.

I always wanted to take up painting again but for various reasons I have not been able to. Since last year, 2021, I have been painting again, but with acrylics, as a preface to return to oil painting, to paint with more substance.

Ok, I'm coming back and I hope that day by day, this little virtual art gallery of mine will grow.